Martin Leff

What is your Talent?

For many like Martin HH Leff-Cinthus he found that painting is his creative skill from the Source. In the beginning God created the world and everything in it.

Art is the skill of sharing your vision, through the paintbrush, tapestry or sculpture, having joy in its beauty.

Martin HH Leff-Cinthus is an 88-year artist who spent most of his life doing the work of painting and drawing daily as part of his routine. His loving and only son Dr. Laurence Leff takes care of his father by engaging a team of helpers to make sure his dad’s work is being seen. Martin’s dream is to open a Salon in his home and show his paintings to his audience hoping and manifesting to have Lady Gaga as his opening act.

Marin HH Leff-Cinthus was the only child to his parents. His father loved Apollo and Greek mythology. Martin’s affection for the same inspired him to learn mythology and to see himself as the “Homosexual Empress Queen”. Martin is Jewish and he embraces many other cultures and religions.

Today, he is still showcasing his art and music.

At 88 he is going strong feeling fabulous as he spends the morning in the gym flexing his muscles.